Goodbye Tasmania

It’s going to take a while for it to sink in but after over 2 years of planning, saving, and waiting I can finally write the words that I’ve dreamed of for so long…we’re on the road. Our last week in Hobart was surprisingly busy as we needed to pack up the house, clean it […]

Weekend on the West Coast

I know I keep saying it but I can’t believe how quickly this trip has snuck up in the last 4 months. Today marks 30 days until we leave and I could not be more excited to hit the road even with the uncertainty of the current COVID situation. Matt and I have put in […]

A Visitors Guide to K’gari (Fraser Island)

I wasn’t planning on writing about Fraser Island before we left but as I lay in the bath this morning looking out the window at the cold grey sky I found my thoughts drifting to the tropics which inevitably led to contemplating our visits to the world’s largest sand island. It’s unlikely that we will […]

Egg in the Snow

It has been a long time coming but Matt finally got his wish to muck around in the Delica in the snow. With a promising forecast we headed off to the closest most accessible snow at Mt Field NP (kunanyi is closer but the road always ends up closed way before the snow). On our […]

Easter in the South East

We’re definitely getting to the pointy end of our trip countdown (116 days) so while we are still loving getting away in the van the holidays are becoming more and more focused on adjusting our set up and working out what we need to pack for The Big Lap. There have been quite a few […]

3CT – The Final Push

Distance – 14kmStory seats – 14Weather – Purely Tasmanian, hot/cold/windy/mist, 5-20C Our final day of the walk started like all the others, it’s interesting how quick we’ve settled into a routine. The 3 slower walkers (myself included) also happen to be the earlier risers so we get up, make ourselves a coffee and breakfast before […]

3CT – Munro to Retakunna

Distance – 19kmStory seats – 14Weather – Cloudy, light wind, 14C Day 3, the big one. We set an alarm last night so that we’d wake up in time for the sunrise over the ocean. 5/6 of us jumped out of bed and headed for the helipad where we saw the sun come over the […]

3CT – Surveyors to Munro

Distance – 11kmStory chairs – 10Weather – Sunny, light winds, 15C We emerged into the sunlight of our second day bleary eyed and feeling a bit worse for wear. 5/6 of our group didn’t have a particularly good sleep which probably comes from being on a foreign bed, in a sleeping bag, with a blow […]

Hiking the Three Capes Track – Port Arthur to Surveyors

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. – Albert Einstein The Three Capes Track booklet begins with that quote which at the time of opening it seemed corny but sitting at my desk having just completed the 48km hike it feels much more poignant. Certainly the modern world with creature comforts […]

Van Improvements

Sorry for interrupting your scheduled reading about our adventures in COVID-19 locked down Tasmania but this morning up on the big island (mainland) Egg has been picked up by Delica Garage for it’s 3rd visit to Johno’s workshop. I figured it was therefore as good a time as any to publish our list of services/modifications […]


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